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Richès Karayib is a platform dedicated to creating connections and highlighting Caribbean people, Caribbean companies, Caribbean places and all that make the Caribbean richness.

Our members are Caribbean by birth, by adoption, they are Caribbean lovers who want to work together for a better Caribbean.

We are here to contribute to win win win connection in all that make the Caribbean so Unique: Art, Culture, the beauty of the countries, the people, their expertises and their warm welcome.


Promote the Caribbean and its stakeholders

Create links and opportunities

Contribute to the unity 

Increase collaboration and contribute to the development of the Greater Caribbean.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals.

We want to help carry the promises of a better world forward.

We aim contribute to develop the exchanges and create group of people, of companies who work together to achieve the SDGs



We have to cope with the world changes, constantly reinvite ourselves.

We believe that creative solutions with help us to continue to develop the region.


We beleive that together we could have the power to make the Caribbean bigger.

Gathering best ideas from a set of minds and several experiences will help us to expand the Greater Caribbean.


We beleive that we must have a fulfilling life.

Love each other, love what we are doing and help each other.


Use the platform to expand your network and make the Caribbean shine in the world.

With our platform:

  • Get a free access to the community
  • Expand your network
  • Create new opportunities within the region
  • Be a part of the action to build a better Caribbean
  • Be in a community that is like you and that talk about what you like.

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