The Richès Karayib project has embarked on a incredible voyage across the Caribbean, uniting artists, professionals and communities in a dynamic exploration of cultural heritage and unity. Through a series of events focused on selected cultural themes, this initiative has not only illuminated the rich tapestry of Caribbean culture but has also fostered economic growth, collaboration and international recognition. Let’s explore the remarkable journey and accomplishments of Richès Karayib from 2022-2023.



The Richès Karayib initiative officially began its journey on December 7, 2022, at LAKOUDIGITAL in Martinique.

This pivotal event was not merely an opening ceremony; it was the beacon that signaled the start of a significant cultural voyage across the Caribbean.

Media representatives and strategic partners gathered to gain insights into the project’s aspirations and the comprehensive plan designed to achieve them.


On December 12, LAKOUDIGITAL hosted an unforgettable meeting between the martinican finalists, mentor Joel JACCOULET and members of the jury.

This was a vital moment of exchange and connection, a platform where budding artists could engage in meaningful dialogue with industry professionals.

The event served as an invaluable opportunity for participants to share their experiences and absorb advice, laying the groundwork for their future growth within the Caribbean music industry.


The grand public unveiling took place on December 15, 2022, at the Grand Carbet, welcoming over 300 attendees, including the Caribbean delegation of the Alliances Françaises.

This evening, hosted by Yannick Milon and Morgan Léger,  was a showcase of the Richès Karayib project’s vision, encapsulating the essence of the initiative while also hosting the finale of the Martinique segment of the Richès Karayib Voices song challenge.

The event crowned the local winner: Norah Maizeroi-Eugène (Tziporah). This evening symbolized the successful fusion of traditional and modern elements within the Caribbean cultural sphere with performances by Loy Sonjah and Tchè Kreyol.

The member of the jury was: Mustaf Kennenga, Loriane Zacharie, Fred Jean-Baptiste, Wes-Gy and Joël Jaccoulet.


Richès Karayib continued its journey to Saint Lucia in January 2023, specifically in the charming village of Anse La Raye, marking a new phase of cultural exploration.

The initiative was warmly received by the island’s welcoming community and embraced the theme “Remembering Our Culture: It Takes A Village.”

This gathering not only showcased the inhabitant’s collective spirit and talent but also highlighted its deep-rooted cultural heritage. The initiative emphasized the interconnectedness of fishing, agriculture, culture, and sustainable development, illustrating the importance of communal harmony in preserving Saint Lucia’s rich heritage.

Beyond the cultural event in Anse La Raye, the finale of the song challenge took place in Gros Islet. This event provided a platform for local talent to showcase their musical abilities.


On January 28, In Anse La Raye, a virtuous ecosystem intertwines traditional fishing, agriculture, and sustainable practices with cultural heritage.

Entrepreneurs like Ricardo James revitalize the local economy by promoting traditional fishing, while advocates like Pancho champions sustainable agriculture for regional self-sufficiency.

They conveyed their insights while co-presenting with host Damian Adjodha.

The day featured children’s choir performance followed by various local singers and musicians showcasing the village’s musical talent. The event also highlighted sustainable practices through recycling art by “Yellow Man” and was hosted by the charismatic Keiha, who fostered a sense of unity and appreciation among participants.

This model showcases a seamless blend of economic sustainability and cultural preservation, fostering a community that values environmental stewardship and cultural identity.


After a lively warm-up by Robert René, the final stage was set. With the groundwork laid by Taj Weekes during pre-selection coaching, the finale, hosted by Scady,  transcended a mere contest to become a cultural celebration.

Featuring traditional bands and dance groups, the event not only showcased Saint Lucia’s rich heritage but also highlighted the participants’ talent.

The evening, that took place on January 29, reached its climax with the announcement of the winner, Don Lucien, also known as Donaton Legend.

The member of the jury was: Razia Said, Linda Chocolate Berthier, Richard Payne, Robert Rene and Taj Weekes.


Richès Karayib made its way to Anguilla for the third stop of its Caribbean tour on February 2023. The event was a celebration of Anguilla’s rich cultural heritage and an opportunity to discover talented local artists while highlighting the impact of arts and culture on tourism.


Minister Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers called for tourists to delve beyond Anguilla’s landscapes into its cultural heartbeat, suggesting that true connection comes from engaging with local arts, music, and traditions.

International music industry expert Ivan Berry highlighted the untapped potential of cultural heritage in boosting the Caribbean economy. He advocated for strengthening the music industry’s infrastructure and educational opportunities to foster sustainable growth.

Local figure, David Carty, shared insights into Anguilla’s cultural impact on tourism, emphasizing the significance of the island’s maritime history and traditions, such as boat racing, in enriching the tourist experience.

The evening also featured a special performance by Jr Da Lion.


The Richès Karayib Voices song challenge, hosted by Lisa Rey, culminated in a thrilling finale on February 25th at the Lit Lounge. The six finalists were coached by renowned mentors Ivan Berry, Davon Carty, and Darius James during intensive coaching sessions held earlier at the prestigious AMA center, one of the biggest studios in the Caribbean.

The finalists delivered stunning performances that showcased Anguilla’s top musical talent. The jury, composed of local cultural figures Fu, Terry Hodge Carty, Cherrod Lewis, Springer, and Drack, had the difficult task of selecting a winner. In the end, Asaad Nesta Halley, artist name Soddi, was crowned the representative of Anguilla for the Big Gathering in Martinique.

The evening also featured a special performance by British Dependency.


April 22 saw Barbados transform into a crucible of Caribbean creativity, hosting the Richès Karayib Fashion Show alongside the local finale of the Richès Karayib Voices song challenge.

This convergence was not just an exhibition of style and sound but a rich dialogue between designers and artists from various islands.

The event stood as a testament to the power of collective creativity, where fashion met melody, and designers engaged in meaningful exchanges, all under the clear sky of Barbados.

It was a celebration where the rhythmic beats of music intertwined with the visual splendor of Caribbean fashion, showcasing a harmonious blend of regional talents and traditions.


The Richès Karayib Fashion Show in Barbados, hosted by Nikita Herbert, was an extraordinary exhibition of Caribbean unity and creativity, featuring designers like Shanika Burnett, Carla Gittens, Rhaj Whitehead, Andrea King, and Anji Clarke, all hailing from Barbados, each bringing their unique style and vision to the stage.

They were joined by talents such as Rebecca Misat from Martinique, N’Djamena Caprice from Guadeloupe, Shivonne Subero from Trinidad and Tobago, Florence Guishard from AnguillaAvena Prince from Dominica and Moses Fennel from Jamaica, making the runway a melting pot of the Caribbean’s diverse cultures, histories, and aesthetics.

This event was more than a showcase of fashion; it was a vital platform for both established and emerging designers to display their art to a broader audience, enhancing the Caribbean’s creativity and fostering a spirit of community and innovation within the fashion industry.


The Richès Karayib Voices song challenge finale brought a musical dimension to Barbados’s fashion night, showcasing local musical talents and culminating in Samsounds known as Samuel Thompson’s victory.

This achievement celebrated Barbados’s diverse musical scene, with mentor Kevin Watson‘s guidance enriching the experience. The evening united fashion with Caribbean rhythms, marking a proud moment for the island.

The member of the jury was: Dionne Timothy, Roche, Derek Marshall, Randy Eastmond and Derek Wilkie.


Richès Karayib made its way to Dominica for the fifth stop of its Caribbean tour on September 21st-23rd, 2023. The event was a celebration of Dominica’s rich musical heritage and an opportunity to discover talented local artists while highlighting the importance of cultural unity in the Caribbean.


The women of Dominica, including offered an amazing showcase of Caribbean musical diversity, spanning various genres that embody the region’s cultural richness. Each artist added a distinct flavor to the music scene, captivating audiences with dynamic and genuine performances.

  • Tasha P lit up the stage, her energy contagious, her voice a beacon of Dominica’s spirit.

  • Neziah redefined calypso with her lively performance, her presence was radiant .

  • Abiyah Yisrael brought soulful reggae tunes to life, touching hearts with the spirit of resilience.

  • Shalina turned the event into a carnival with her lively soca, her energy spreading like wildfire.

  • Marie Pascale blended African rhythms with Caribbean heat, taking the audience on an unforgettable journey.


The Richès Karayib Voices song challenge culminated in a thrilling finale on September 23rd at the Alliance Française.

Coached by renowned mentors Michele Henderson and Rah Peters during intensive sessions, the finalists delivered stunning performances that showcased Dominica’s talents.

The jury, composed of Fred Jean-Baptiste, Dion Henderson and Raymond Lawrence, had the difficult task of selecting a winner. In the end, Khadil Shermar Christmas also know as artist name Karmah Classiqué was crowned the representative of Dominica for the Big Gathering in Martinique.

The event was enriched by hosts Millia Joseph & Julie Roberts. Michael Ferrol provided an unforgettable anthem that set the tone, while Mel and her guitarist, along with the Inner Core Unit, delivered an exceptional performance. Adding to the event’s uniqueness was Shadi‘s live painting, which injected a  layer of creativity and flair. 


Richès Karayib made its way to Guadeloupe for the sixth stop of its Caribbean tour in October 2023. Richès Karayib Cinéma brought together local filmmakers, industry experts, and cinema enthusiasts to showcase the diversity and richness of Caribbean cinema. On October 29th, the local finale of the Richès Karayib Voices song challenge was held, showcasing the incredible musical talents of Guadeloupe.


Richès Karayib Cinéma featured a day-long program of conferences, debates, and film screenings, with contributions from Guillaume Robillard, Cyrielle Cuirassier, Tony Coco-Viloin, Laura Larifla and Lynne Parks from Trinidad & Tobago.

Each presenter shed light on different facets of Caribbean cinema, from its pioneers to economic aspects, regional development, Trinidad’s cinematic landscape and various promotional efforts within Guadeloupe.

Guillaume Robillard paid homage to pioneers like Christian Lara, highlighted for his influential works that have shaped Antillean cinema. The event featured screenings of notable films, including “RED” by Fabienne Orain-Chomaud, “LA GRANDE HISTOIRE DES INDUSTRIES DE L’ÉCRAN CARAÏBES” by Renélise Cimper and Tony Coco-Viloin and “FANTASTIC FRIDAY” by Shari Petti.


The mentor for the Guadeloupe event was Dominik Coco, who guided the finalists through intensive coaching sessions.

The local finale of the singing challenge, hosted by Wils, featured guest performances by 4 talented Guadeloupean artists: Yend, Kemay, Niko, and T-Stone. The jury, composed of Fred Deshayes, Stéphanie Rupaire, Dj Mike, and Stéphanie James, had the difficult task of selecting the winner.

In the end, Awno also known as Arnaud Antile was crowned the winner of the Richès Karayib Voices challenge in Guadeloupe.


Richès Karayib continued its journey through the Caribbean, making its seventh stop in Trinidad & Tobago in November 2023.

The event, Caribbean Harmony of Flavors brought together talented chefs from Martinique and Trinidad to showcase the art of Caribbean Cuisine. The local finale of the Richès Karayib Voices song challenge featured iconic carnival figures, local guest singer and a steelpan band, showing of Trinidad & Tobago’s cultural heritage.


Caribbean Harmony of Flavors, hosted by Leondon Wiggins and Wendell Bompart , featured talented chefs from Martinique, Nathanael Ducteil & Ulric Claude and from Trinidad, Samara Lezama & Kern Thomas, who presented the diversity and creativity of Caribbean cuisine.

Attendees were transported to the heart of Trinidadian culture as they savored authentic and original flavors, while also experiencing an innovative cuisine brought by the Martinican chefs. The French Caribbean touch introduced by Nathanael Ducteil and Ulric Claude added a new dimension to traditional dishes.


The Richès Karayib Voices song challenge in Trinidad & Tobago featured guest performances by iconic carnival figures, local guest singer : Kern Sumerville and a steelpan band: Caribbean steelpan Connextion. The jury, composed of local cultural figures, Melissa Jimenez, Gerelle Forbes and Rembunction, had the difficult task of selecting a winner. In the end, Elizabeth Waldron (Juss Lizz) was crowned the winner of the Richès Karayib Voices challenge in Trinidad & Tobago.

The steelpan band added a unique touch to the event, showcasing the traditional instrument of Trinidad & Tobago and its importance in the country’s musical heritage.

MITTCO, a local company, is dedicated to promoting the unique cultural heritage of Trinidad & Tobago globally by producing steelpans.


In December 2023, Martinique became the epicenter of Caribbean cultural fusion, hosting the grand finale of the Richès Karayib series, “Le Grand Rassemblement – The Big Gathering”.

This event marked the culmination of a year-long journey across the Caribbean, showcasing a blend of cultures, talents and visions. It was not just an event; it was a testament to the unity and diversity of the Caribbean spirit.


The event kicked off with three days of intense coaching, where finalists from seven islands: Tziporah, Donaton Legend, Soddi, Samsounds, Karmah Classiqué, Awno, Juss Lizz, immersed themselves in the depths of musical craftsmanship under the guidance of seven international coaches: Ivan Berry, Vivian Barclay, Derek Wilkie, Spencer Mussellam, Fred Jean-Baptiste, Jonathan Ramos and Davon Carty.

This unique congregation aimed not only to refine their artistic skills but also to prepare them for the creation of the Richès Karayib Voices album. Amidst Martinique’s scenic beauty, from the open-air sessions at Habitation Clément to exploring iconic sites, the participants honed their talents while becoming ambassadors of Martinique’s rich culture.


“Le Grand Rassemblement – The big Gathering” culminated in a grand finale show on December 9, 2023, showcasing a symphony of Caribbean unity and talent. The evening highlighted the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean, with standout performances by winners from each participating island, under the experienced eyes of international coaches.

The event, hosted by Yannick Milon and Millia Joseph, offered a diverse showcase of Caribbean culture. Performances by Dominik Coco and Victor O brought the unique sounds of Guadeloupe and Martinique to the stage, while Floriane Bascou‘s presence added a touch of prestige. Notable performances included the Bèlè dance by AM4, capturing the traditional Martiniquaise essence, and the vibrant rhythms of Wélé Bann.

The Grand Finale not only celebrated the culmination of the Richès Karayib series but also marked the beginning of new creative collaborations and cultural connections across the Caribbean.


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