Richès Karayib Introduces Yoni Alpha, Better Known by His Artist Name “Paille” – The Man “Paille”

Paille, a masterful singer-songwriter of Reggae-Dancehall from Martinique, has made a significant mark over the past 20 years with his compelling musical narratives and vibrant performances. His career showcases a notable evolution in musical style and thematic depth. With each album and song, he brings thoughtful production and lyrical maturity, consistently addressing complex subjects with a unique artistic voice.

Throughout his illustrious career, Paille has collaborated with a broad spectrum of Caribbean talents, including legends like Kassav and contemporary stars such as Etana, Konshens, Anthony B, Meryl, Straïka D, and the notably talented DJ Avalanche. These collaborations have not only enhanced his musical repertoire but also expanded his influence across Caribbean cultures, solidifying his status as a Caribbean artist.

Join us as we delve deeper into the life and music of The Man “Paille,” who intriguingly hides behind his straw hat. Discover the significant impact he continues to have across the Caribbean music landscape and look forward to exploring his latest musical ventures in the sections that follow.


They call me Straw since ’97, it’s a nickname that basically has nothing to do with music, it came from the expression “Boulé An Pay” (which means drunk in creole) and as I had some experiences with alcohol during my youth the nickname remained and became PAILLE, my artist name.

We laugh about it now but at the time it was not fun.

I sing more Dancehall, Raggae, Hip Hop, but honestly I like writing, no matter the kind of music, no matter what the tempo is.

I like the storytelling logic and rap, Dancehall do it well.

There are lighter music, which will be interesting for their musical qualities like zouk, but which are also necessary at times, it depends of the mood, period … and lots of things.


I believe I’ve always been someone who hums and mutters lyrics I wrote myself. Even back in school, I’d find myself on stage, belting out the few lines I had penned.

Then, around 2000-2001, I ended up in Byronn’s studio quite by chance, and we tried out a ‘little something’. I wasn’t pleased with the outcome because I really struggled to express what I had in my head through the microphone.

I wanted to get better, so I started going to the studio more and more, until soon it was all I did…

And then, things took off.

First Song

“PA SA PALÉ BAY,” but not in the form it’s known today.

The Ones I Prefer

Once they’re released, the songs aren’t mine anymore. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing as you’re doing it.

That said, some songs are more enjoyable to write because the ideas flow better or the perspective on the issue seems more intriguing.

However, I’m naturally more motivated by the ones yet to come, as I’ll be listening, revising, searching for the right word, the right way to pronounce, rather than those that are already completed.


“Le Crépuscule des Lions”

A Fusion of Genres and Emotions

“Le Crépuscule des Lions” offers a vibrant mix of musical styles, combining dancehall, zouk, soca, and reggae. Each track serves as a narrative chapter that provides listeners with a profound emotional and thematic journey. From the introspective “I Don’t Care” to the energetic “Ruff On Di Road,” and the reflective “Friendzone,” Paille uses his distinctive lyrical approach to explore complex themes.

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Anticipation and Future Projects

The anticipation surrounding “Le Crépuscule des Lions” is palpable. Prior to the EP release, fans can look forward to a brand new Urban Pop single scheduled for release on May 31, 2024. This project is not just an album; it’s a statement of resilience, creativity, and the enduring spirit of Caribbean music. Paille’s engagement with his audience and his dedication to his craft are evident in the meticulous attention to detail in each track and the thoughtful integration of diverse musical styles.

Collaboration with DJ Avalanche

A major highlight of the EP is “Born n’ Raised,” crafted in collaboration with DJ Avalanche. This track has resonated strongly within the Soca community for its powerful message of unity and celebration of Caribbean identity. With its compelling lyrics and anthem-like quality, it is poised to become a staple in caribbean playlists.

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I’ve performed at the UBERSOCA Cruise, twice at Bercy, the ‘Nuit de l’Outre-Mer’ and at the Olympia with Kennega. 

My music has taken me to festivals across the globe in Morocco, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, and Reunion.

Interestingly, it all began quite modestly. When Byronn and I first made music together in Sainte-Luce, it was simply about expressing ourselves through song in our hometown.


Traveling to Dominica and Saint Lucia revealed how English-speaking Caribbean islands share knowledge and news among themselves, as seen in Saint Lucia’s news coverage of nearby islands like Saint Vincent and Barbados.

In contrast, French Caribbean islands display a notable lack of awareness about each other’s histories, suggesting that building a unified Caribbean identity requires better mutual understanding.

True closeness comes from understanding, which involves education, explanation, and exchange—ideally taught in schools at a young age.

Asking adults, who have already formed their beliefs and certainties, to challenge these or to construct a new Caribbean identity is nearly impossible. It’s more effective and necessary when minds are still open and eager to learn.

Yet, given today’s fast-paced world, it’s unlikely we’ll find the time to truly understand each other, though it would go a long way in breaking down prejudices.


Richès Karayib introduces you to Mapie, whose real name is Marie-Pierre Loiseau, she was born on March 3rd 1982 in Martinique.

She is a senior executive in an public administration and at the same time she is an author and artist which give her the pleasure of sharing her poetry on the SLAM stages of Martinique and on the world scene since 2009.

Mapie introduces us to her very first book:

“Au bout du petit matin… l’Émotion!” (At the end of the morning… The Emotion!)

The summary

“Au bout du petit matin… L’émotion !” (At the end of the morning… The Emotion!) is a sample of Mapie’s inspirations from 2009 to now. Her poetry almost always brings out emotion.

Thus, these are words of Love tranversing all the states of her heart during her life and those of others who have become hers by the magic of poetry:

Happy or unhappy love words,

Militant words shouting at the world’s lack of love,

Words of intimate moments,

Reverberating words by beloved artists,

Words of humanity from one heart on the way to meet another,

Words of hope for better tomorrows…

“Au bout du petit matin… l’Émotion!” (At the end of the morning… The Emotion!) Published in March 2020 (available in and paper format)

I wrote this book in response to my audience request who regularly expressed the desire to reread my words at the end of my performances.

I have the utopia of believing that poetry can contribute to the construction of better tomorrows and my life experiences encourage me to cultivate this idea.

I have the utopia of beleiving that poetry can contribute to the construction of better tomorrows.

D’ici Danse! (From here Dance !)

Text from the poem collection “Au bout du petit matin… l’Émotion!”

Mapie/Boogie Flaha – poetic videoclip

In tribute to Bernadin LOISEAU, dissident left without recognition to live up to his commitment…

D’ici Danse! (From here Dance !)

Text from the poem collection “Au bout du petit matin… l’Émotion!”

Mapie/Boogie Flaha – poetic videoclip

In tribute to Bernadin LOISEAU, dissident left without recognition to live up to his commitment…



His poetry is powerful, code-free and inspiring.

Its intoxicating rhythm carries messages that echo my hopes for a better tomorrow.



Her way of highlighting our past to question our present is puzzling, inspiring and seductive.

The beauty of his pen sublimates the gait.



The audacity of his writing is seductive.

He dares to address painful and/or taboo themes.

It invites us to reflect on ourselves with a fluid writing, without unnecessary details and yet sometimes so poetic .

My Little Anecdote


Visiting an exhibition of painters, I was overcome with great emotion in front of the paintings of one of the artists.

I didn’t know her: MILOU.

Motionless, tears in my eyes in front of her works, she came to me and said:

“Hello Mapie.”

I was surprised to know that she knew me.

I then told her about the effect of her paintings on me.

She said:

“It’s normal, all these paintings have been painted since I came to the slam scenes.

You are the source of inspiration.

These are your words that you see there… ».

We then cried in each other’s arms and I left with one of her paintings.

A beautiful meeting…

Escapade (Getaway)

Text from the poem collection “Au bout du petit matin… l’Émotion!”

Mapie/Wouves – poetic videoclip

I have a dream…

I want to provoke moments of poetry in unlikely places, in the middle of the street for example, without warning…

I had that experience in Côte d’Ivoire during a festival of the arts of speech…

Maybe at home?

And finally….

“Our children will be poetry

Poetry today for tomorrow’s children says yes to life

Our children will be tales

Yesterday’s legend and today’s story

They will be prophecy for the lives to come.”