Dear correspondents, participants and all those who wished to participate, but could not because of technical or other reasons, in the virtual meeting of Wednesday, October 13, 2021:


Event organized by Sabrina Ajax, (Richès Karayib / ASIS WI) and OMDAC, with the technical support of the Municipality of Lamentin (Mediatheque) which experimented its new material of videoconference with our operation.

We had the pleasure to send you initially the event presentation which specified the panel breakdown identified by the photos. The 4 panels were planned in the following way with a time dedicated to exchanges after each panel. :

– Cultural organisations
– Artists
– Experts Culture


First of all, we would like to apologize to all those who had difficulties with the registration, then we had an incomprehensible bug with the application, which led to a significant delay, but especially deprived our participants to access the conference and to have the simultaneous translation initially planned with a professional.

We had also planned a live broadcast on Facebook and Youtube which for the same reasons could not take place.

Afterwards, we encountered some technical difficulties and a sometimes unstable connection, but these did not impact the quality of the speeches and exchanges.

We regretted however the absence of 5 announced speakers, Then, considering the time lost for the reasons indicated above, some presentations were unfortunately shortened and several videos of artists’ representations could not be shown. We reiterate our deepest apologies to them.


However, 35 people of 6 different nationalities, from their territory, or from Paris for example, were connected (prospective speakers, listeners), in addition to a delegation from the CTM, the local authority and participants from associations as well as a professional from the cultural sector who spoke from the Media Library of Lamentin.

Nevertheless, this meeting allowed the achievement of our schedule as planned and most of the participants, in the chat or live or by their post-visio messages expressed their satisfaction to have taken advantage of this opportunity to know the devices, to express themselves on their work, their expectations, and to have exchanged with Caribbean counterparts.



We had the pleasure to hear the presentation of concrete cultural experiences, as well as to know the institutional approaches.

The DAC (Department of Cultural Affairs), represented by Agnès BRETEL, presented, to the participants’ satisfaction, the tools and solutions that aim to support cultural operators and stakeholders. Among these are the measures that allow projects and artists to travel abroad (mobility fund, FEAC…)

The CTM (the Local Authority of Martinique), in charge of the development of the community, represented by Mrs. MONROSE and Mrs. TELLE, recalled that they will continue to support and value actions that contribute to the development of the international cooperation and culture. She underlined the main lines of her action to promote the sustainability of the cultural sector and the main directions of her cultural policy.


The cultural organizations explained their actions and their willingness to collaborate with cultural stakeholders from the Caribbean.

CARIB’OPERA, represented by Joël GLOMBARD from MARTINIQUE.

He presented the concept of Ensemble Carib’Opera that gathers people with a common point: the lyrical song. This association develops lyrical art, live shows and the training of young West Indian artists.

Its goal is to promote the Caribbean culture through these actions. Its wish is to develop exchanges with similar organizations within the Caribbean.

The OMDAC, represented by Rodrigue TOUSSIES from MARTINIQUE.

He summarized, as a non-institutional structure, the actions of the association in Martinique and in the Caribbean zone for nearly 40 years. He specified its involvement in the Sustainable Development Goals from the cultural perspective.


He spoke about how music and art have played an important role in building Dominica’s identity. Creole and all the events created around Creole have contributed greatly to the development of Dominican cooperation and cultural industry.

HAITI TCHAKA DANSE, represented by Brusma DAPHNIS.

For him, we cannot talk about tourism without talking about the cultural sector. The meetings and discussions are good starting points that must be materialized by actions and that will pass by collaborations with the stakeholders from other Caribbean countries to co-build training and cultural projects.


We were able to discover talented artists such as:

Tanya OCTAVIUS – Artist painter and creator of jewels from MARTINIQUE who did us the honor to join the Media Library of Lamentin.

Activist artist, she tells her story, the one of Martinique through her artworks. She uses recycle material as much as possible because sustainable development is important to her. According to her, art has a primordial role to play at this level; in particular that of being a vehicle, a universal language.

Peterson LANDE – Singer-Dancer – HAITI 

He wishes that the youth of the Caribbean be interconnected so that we can facilitate and develop cultural exchanges.

It is necessary to be able to share ideas and the concretization will pass by the highlighting of the young people.

Michele HENDERSON – Singer-songwriter – DOMINICA

According to her, we need to establish very solid links between music practitioners and supporting organizations in the region in order to move the cultural industry forward.

XONE – Singer-songwriter – TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

For him, it was a very enjoyable and informative experience. When It comes to collaborating ideas to further Caribbean music and Culture in the world this kind of meeting are indeed a step in the right direction.


We apologize to Damion Radcliffe, Adrien Augier and Eric Taylor who introduced themselves and were unable to express themselves further due to timing.

Eric TAYLOR – Caribbean Cultural Activist – “Pink Panther” Singer – TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

He is the President and Founder of the Sangre Grande Development Foundation, one of TT’s premier civil society organizations.

He is also the Director of One Culture One Vibes Company Ltd., which is dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of oral traditions and arts peculiar to the Caribbean.

Adrian AUGIER – Activist for Caribbean culture – SAINTE-LUCIE

He is a development economist active in the public and private sectors.

He works as a creative consultant across several platforms: Carnival, Media, Marketing, Theater, Events.

He is also an writer of poetry, scripts, articles, essays, lyrics.

Damion RADCLIFFE – Artist and member of the Government of JAMAICA

He is an artistic visionary with a passion for creating theatre that is impactful.
Possessing zest and dexterity in producing, directing, set designing, performing, and script writing, he is destined for greatness in the world of theatre and film. At the heart of all of  his artistic gifts is his desire to use the arts as a tool for empowerment, social change and education.
He is an active member of the country’s Cultural Development Commission.


We also apologize to Akeem Chandler Prescod, Cyndi Marshall, Damien Lurel whose videos could not be shown. Nevertheless they will be broadcasted later on Richès Karayib platform.

Damien LUREL – Creator of the game “Fon Lespri Koko” – GUADELOUPE

He is the founder and president of Carré-tropical, which defends Caribbean culture through its game and its actions.

Cyndi Celest Marshall – BARBADOS

She is a spoken word poet, storyteller, and creative entrepreneur.

Arts activist and language advocate she use performance poetry and literature to encourage social discourse on issues of identity.  She has represented Barbados on international stages such as the Women of the World Poetry Slam (2021) and the Vrystaat Arts Festival in South Africa (2019). 

Akeem Prescod Chandler, known as StonedwithCupid – BARBADOS

He is a spoken word artist, photographer, song-writer, and creative director from Barbados. His work is an experimental blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, Story-Telling, and Theatre, woven together in a neatly stitched poetic product.


It is worth to remember that this event was the starting point of the platform’s activities that will continue to develop communication and networking, and even cooperation for productive actions within the Caribbean.

It was not our purpose to resolve in 2 hours all the problems of the sector, but to allow the mutual knowledge, to exchange information and to find out ways to approach the reasoned and productive development of the sector of arts and culture.
Thus, in the framework of the Riches Karayib platform, other more specific events will be scheduled on particular themes, taking into consideration the participants’ expectations and requests, with the goal of reaching operational solutions as much as possible.


Richès Karayib thanks the co-organizers of this event.

Yves-Marie Séraline, President of OMDAC, Vice President of CÉSECÉM and President of the culture, education and sports section.

The Municipality of Lamentin and its teams: Sophie TOULOUSE, Davy LERIBAG and Franck RIVOT.

Sabrina AJAX – Founder ASIS WI and creator Richès Karayib


This event is the first of a series of meetings and actions in favor of the Caribbean culture….

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