Leroy Charles alias Wadix and Sa Kai Malade Karaibe Ltd. (SKMK):

Pillar of Creole Culture in Dominica

Richès Karayib is proud to count among its partners Sa Kai Malade Karaibe Ltd. (SKMK) led by the renowned Leroy Charles better known as Wadix. Recognized for his passionate commitment to Creole culture, he plays a crucial role in the promotion and development of Dominica’s cultural richness.

Appointment of Leroy ‘Wadix’ Charles as Cultural Ambassador

On May 23, 2024, the Government of Dominica officially appointed Leroy ‘Wadix’ Charles as Cultural Ambassador. This appointment recognizes his outstanding contributions to the promotion of Dominica’s cultural arts and his dedication to preserving the nation’s cultural heritage.

As Cultural Ambassador, Leroy Charles will play a key role in developing a Creole language policy for Dominica and will provide consultancy services for organizing national festivals such as Independence Celebrations, the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF), Carnival, DOMFESTA, and Emancipation Day Observance. He will also be involved in promoting Dominica’s festivals in the French West Indies and encouraging cultural and sports exchanges with these territories.

About Wadix’s Initiatives

About Creole HeartBeat

He has launched media programs such as “Creole HeartBeat,” which includes radio shows broadcast three times a week, and the program “Hit Parade Kweyol,” dedicated to Creole music. 

See below some examples:

About SKMK

With his organization, Wadix has also organized major events such as the “Papa Creole” concert in tribute to Gordon Henderson and “Mama Creole” in honor of Ophelia, iconic figures of Caribbean music. The company also plans to launch a television channel, “Diamant Kweyol,” exclusively dedicated to the Creole language and culture.

Future Prospects

With the appointment of Leroy ‘Wadix’ Charles as Cultural Ambassador, Dominica strengthens its position as an important center of Creole culture. His dedication and tireless initiatives will continue to celebrate and preserve Creole traditions for future generations.

At Richès Karayib, we are honored to collaborate with him to promote and enhance the rich culture of the Caribbean.