Richès Karayib takes you to Jamaica with a famous sculptor whose reputation is well established: Scheed COLE, CEO of Sculptural Elements and Construction Ltd.

With  recycled materials like plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and sawdust, he can make art works that look real.

He can create larger than life sculptures from nature and environment, figures, entrance vestibules, etc…

What leads him towards his achievements:

– To work with integrity

– To operate in a way that is very professionnal

– To see his customers smiles.

Let’s discover together the artist and his art works.

About Scheed Cole


The subtitles are available in English and Spanish!

About his work

Here are a few places in Jamaica where you will be able to see some of his greater achievements.

The Natural History Museum

Here Scheed recreates interior spaces to look like geographical locations all over Jamaica’s wetlands, dry forests, canopies, coral reefs and caves.

That project showcases his ability to recreate a realistic looking natural environement and also the natural history of Jamaica.

The Port Authority

In the Port Authority Scheed created replicas of 10 ft. long cannons that authentically looks as if they were from the 18th century and were weathered over time.

The S Hotel

Scheed created sculptures of national heroes like Nanny, Marcus Garvey and other iconic individuals like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.

This project showcases his ability to create photorealistic portraits of individuals.

The Heritage Mall

Scheed created in that mall a large elephant.

Hellshire Beach

Scheed created an entrance vestibule for the Hellshire beach.

He also constructed gazebos.


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