Exploring the Caribbean Skies with Winair


The Caribbean’s air connectivity has faced challenges with the closure of key regional airlines like AIR ANTILLES and LIAT.

Yet, hope is on the horizon with Winair stepping in to bridge the gap. Starting April, Winair launches direct flights from Martinique to Saint Martin and Dominica, heralding a new era for regional travel.

Behind this breakthrough is a collective effort, blending vision with collaboration.

Nathalie Sébastien, of Samac, highlights the unity between the tourism board and aviation authorities in making this a reality.

WINAIR’s CEO, Hans van de Velde, underlines the strategic alliances with major airlines like AIR FRANCE KLM, AMERICAN Airlines,  JETBLUE Airways and more, ensuring a robust network that extends beyond island shores.

This expansion is not just about adding destinations; it’s about weaving a network that brings the Caribbean closer. With plans to further explore the southern arc and a commitment to seamless travel, Winair is on a mission to redefine Caribbean connectivity.

In the face of past disruptions, Winair’s initiative is a beacon of progress, signaling a brighter, more connected future for all Caribbean residents and visitors. Let’s embrace this new chapter as the skies above the Caribbean open once more.



What are your next projects to expand your air traffic ?

We are expecting the arrival of new aircraft in November of this year and the following year. We will then deploy towards the south of the region with connections to Barbados, St. Lucia, and probably St. Vincent. It is important to note that we do not only connect St. Martin to the other islands, but we also have many routes between these islands as well. We will soon open the Martinique – St. Martin connection, but why not consider, for example, a Martinique – Antigua route if it works well? The former LIAT airline actually operated this service in the past.

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