Raul Blaze

Richès Karayib takes you to Jamaica with Raul Davis, better known as Raul Blaze.

It is from Miami that we interview this multifaceted man: comedian, influencer, vlogger, trainer, language tutor….. so many caps (and we are far from knowing all about him!!), he is telling us more about him, about his job, his  Caribbean vision.

Let’s discover, the one who is showing us all the caribbean life style , mainly jamaican facets and its patois.



Try to imagine a Jamaican in the following situations !!

How Jamaicans tell you your food is good without telling you the food is good!

When Jamaicans try to tell a story while eating cane.

Caribean people giving driving direction to their house.

How to know when a jamaican party is over.

Here are some extracts!!

Richès Karayib
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