A Festival of Color and Sound

At the heart of the Caribbean, the World Creole Music Festival bursts into life, painting Dominica with the vibrant colors of madras and the soulful rhythms of our shared heritage. Here, amidst the melodies and laughter, Richès Karayib witnesses the tapestry of our region’s rich cultural diversity. It’s a place where music, dance, and traditional attire converge to celebrate our common roots and distinct histories.

Artists and Performances: A Mosaic of Talent

For the 2022 edition of the World Creole Music Festival, the lineup featured a mix of local and international artists across a range of genres including bouyon, cadence, kompa, zouk, dancehall, reggae, and soca. Here’s a summary of some of the artists who performed:

From Jamaica, there were reggae and dancehall artists such as Shenseea, Christopher Martin, Sizzla and Dexta Daps.

For fans of Zouk and Compas, Jocelyne Béroard, formerly the lead singer of the band Kassav, was featured alongside Haitian Kompa music artists K-Dilak & Bedjine, Enposib, Chire Lakay, and French reggae-dancehall singer Admiral T.

The festival also showcased a strong lineup of local Dominican talent including Bouyon Boss’ Asa Bantan, TK International, WCK, the almost 40-year-old band First Serenade, cadence icons Midnight Groovers, ‘the youngest and the baddest’ Signal Band, dancehall artist Colton T, and Kompa band Extacy. Making their first appearances as solo artists on the festival’s stage were ‘the fresh prince of bouyon’ Reo and ‘Bouyon queen’ Carlyn XP​​​​.

Additionally, African superstars Burna Boy and Omah Lay were part of the lineup, marking a diverse mix of musical styles and cultural backgrounds, despite some community debates about the inclusion of non-Creole music in the festival​​.

This rich blend of artists provided a wide spectrum of music catering to various tastes and contributing to the festival’s goal of celebrating Creole culture and music.

Among the stars, Patrice Roberts stands out—a symbol of energy and Caribbean dynamism. Her performance, a blend of Soca’s infectious beats and narratives of island life, captivates both locals and visitors alike.

Through the lens of Richès Karayib, the World Creole Music Festival transcends its role as a musical event. It becomes a vibrant showcase of the Caribbean’s cultural richness, a platform for artists and a beacon for unity and cultural exchange.

As the festival concludes, the melodies linger, a sweet reminder of our shared heritage and the collective joy that music can bring.

Richès Karayib leaves with renewed inspiration and a reaffirmed commitment to celebrating and promoting the Caribbean’s diverse cultural heritage.

Author: Sabrina

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